The story behind the picture.

In 1967 I was 10 yrs old and I had a very,very important job that day.

That day the lieutenant general was visiting The Canadian Indian Center of Toronto at 210 Beverly St. My mother was the executive director and she had me all spiffed up for the day.

So as Lieutenant General Michener bent over to me and told me that I had a very important job this morning, and I looked up at him and said yes sir I know. I will never forget that day it was like royalty. I found out later from my dad that the gentleman whom I had guarded his hat was an arm of the Queen so to speak .

Well when we were at a Pow-Wow of the New Credit in 2017 I saw something really strange to say the least. Imagine 2 suits with ear wires in 90 degree heat, so as I speculated there was a lady in a bright red dress with a war veteran at her beckon call.

I waited for her to do the rounds, but when she came to our vendor booth, she was steered to another venue. Not to be ignored, I told my daughter to grab a Blue Jays Ti-Pi night light and go catch up to the lady; give her the ti-pi as a gift and say it really slowly but be cool about it, after all there were secret agents with guns hovering around her every move. Well of course my wife went running behind her to get a picture.

To this day my daughter gets an invitation to a Levee every year since that day.

So 50 years after I meet royalty, my little girl also knows a person in higher places.