Our Memorial Tipi Nightlights are a unique way to honour your love ones. When lit, the warming glow will help comfort you in your time of need as their memories live on in your heart. A memorial tipi is a gift of remembrance.

Using the same framework as our other Tipi nightlights, our Memorial Tipi Nightlights are personalized according to your wishes on white sateen material . This includes a 4 x6 photo of your loved one, birth and death dates and short verse.

We have included a list of verses you may like to choose from however you are not restricted to this list. Please feel free to contact us and we will assist you in creating the ideal Tipi that memorializes your loved one.

Please Note: There is limit spacing on each side.

  1. At Rest
  2. At Peace
  3. In God’s Care
  4. Rest In Peace
  5. Love Lives On
  6. Gone Fishin’
  7. A Free Spirit
  8. They Rest Is Won
  9. Deeply Mourned
  10. Love Is Eternal
  11. Sleeping Sweetly
  12. Our Little Angel
  13. Love Never Ends
  14. Entered Into Rest
  15. Rest In The Lord
  16. They Will Be Done
  17. Sweet Be The Rest
  18. Great Love Live On
  19. Beloved Of The Lord
  20. She Is Gone In Peace
  21. His Will Is Our Peace
  22. Until We Meet Again
  23. Peace, Perfect Peace
  24. Always In Our Hearts
  25. An Inspiration To All
  26. God Is And All Is Well
  27. Forever With The Lord
  28. In God I Put My Trust
  29. Remembering A Tiny Angel
  30. Gone But Not Forgotten
  31. He Fell Asleep In Peace
  32. She Walked In Beauty
  33. He Loved And Was Loved
  34. Our Loved One Sleeps